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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  August 12, 2016 7:00am-9:01am CDT

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please share it. just spread it and get him home soon. >> thank you f good morning, america. >> oh. >> best in the world. simone biles soaring to new heights in rio with the golden touch. her teammate, aly raisman, right by her side with silver as america's golden boy does it again. michael phelps with a record 22nd gold leaving the competition in his wake. >> oh, baby, it's time to come home, michael. >> and simone manuel making history in the pool. >> manuel is going to do it. >> tying for gold this an epic day for team usa. also breaking overnight an emergency landing. at least two dozen rushed to the hospital when a jetblue flight
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into the aisle. a flight attendant carried off in a neck brace. major washout. flash flood from arizona to pennsylvania drowning homes and roads leaving thousands without power. now the dangerous rain is moving east. while the life-threatening threatening heat wave moves in as well. and the amazing rescue. >> finally we heard just a tiny little voice. >> three college students stranded in a cave lost for nearly 30 hours. >> announcer: live in times square and rio de janeiro, this is "good morning america." it is a great morning, a great friday, a huge crowd in central park. look at that. all there for mr. keith urban. >> can't wait for that. >> and, of course, so much excitement in rio, as well. >> unbelievable. >> those two simones. >> stealing the show.
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gymnast and simone manuel becoming the first african-american woman to win in swimming. >> michael phelps, a full body ahead of the competition while winning his 22nd gold medal breaking a record more than 2,000 years old. >> counting them. >> for most individual olympic titles and won by almost three seconds. there was time to go to the bathroom before the next one came in. ryan lochte, we'll celebrate him and olympics. >> guy, it was truly an historic night. simone biles cementing her place in history and michael phelps beating his ultimate rival and then, yes, newcomer simone manuel writing her name in the history books, as well. what a night for the red, white and blue. team usa crushing the competition. >> a major solid.
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capturing her gold with a stunning performance. >> this has been her destiny all along. >> reporter: the bubbling 19-year-old known for her m megawatt smile in tears. >> i don't think i've ever seen simone biles cry. >> meanwhile, aly raisman capturing silver with a near flawless floor exercise. >> a return to the olympics has been worth it. >> reporter: unable to control her emotion. hugging with happiness but the night belonging to biles, this pint-sized princess is now the undisputed queen. >> lochte is taking over the lead but separated by 0.01 seconds. >> the final duel in the pool between michael phelps and ryan lochte, these rio roommates going head-to-head in the 200-meter individual medley but proving to be no match.
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michael phelps is swimming away. he's got a full body length lead. >> reporter: phelps blowing the competition out of the water. >> michael phelps has done it again. >> reporter: the five-time olympian winning a jaw-dropping 22nd gold medal become the first swimmer ever to win the same event at four straight olympics. meanwhile, american ryan murphy if i striking gold in the 200-meter backstroke and in a photo finish -- >> the other spectacular simone, simone manuel tying a canadian for gold in the freestyle overcome with emotion making her the first african female swimmer to win a medal in any individual event, from the pool to the podium, tears of triumph on this unforgettable night. and i was lucky enough to be there in the arena watching simone and aly and, of course, their performances were spectacular but i loved watching
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were in each other's arms hugging each other, cheering each other on and aly raisman joking after she won gold she plans to crash simone biles' vacation saying i'm going to belize with her. i haven't been invited but i'm just going to go. i'm pretty sure that's going to be okay. >> i appreciate your e-mails. furiously about what was going on with them hugging. we appreciate that blow-by-blow but joining us for dominique dawes. enjoyed your tweets. eating pizza. >> everyone knows simone biles always ends her competition having a slice of pepperoni pizza so i shot that she hours of myself taking a bite of the pizza because i was that confident. >> you knew. >> we knew. everyone, everyone knew. i mean she's that dominant and already just with the start value alone was nearly a point ahead on everyone else on the floor. >> what sets her apart from everyone else. >> the new scoring system. she's now allowed to do the more
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credit for it which was different. we were capped at a 10.0. if you did more difficult moves you wouldn't get credit for it so why take the risk. >> another great one in the pool, michael phelps. i mean, he is just a set apart of everybody else in the pool. >> he really is. i think he has an extra first or second or fourth gear that he turns on at an olympics games. people think he can win but yet lochte had been winning world championship after world championship four in a row and then you thin going to be right up there with michael phelps and michael phelps just zooms by him and takes it over. >> he still seems like he could go for another olympics. i remember in 2000 at the first one and here he is still a father and everything. >> i was at those olympic games in 2000 with him when he was that breakout athlete then he's still going strong and his fifth olympic games is pretty impressive. >> how about this breakout athlete, simone manuel. i mean to win the first african-american woman to win a medal in the pool like that and
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>> she brought me to tears and i was weeping. she had amazing tears of joy with her teammates from stanford she was celebrating with and knowing the message that young african-american young girls are going to take from this, they too can become olympic champion swimmers, you know, us women don't always want to get in the water because of our hair or other things in our culture and she's broken down that barrier and i love it. >> you know all these we're talking about this morning, you know the feeling that they have waking up today. >> it's exciting. i think the first feeling they have is they recognize it does take a village with this whole look that's going on right now that their coaches, their parents, their fan, teammates. simone and aly how tight they are on the floor, even tighter behind closed doors. and i truly think the time that they spend at the ranch with the karolyi, martha karolyi has
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>> maybe they will go on vacation together. >> i'm sure they will. >> all right, dominique, thank you. jesse, how about that medal count. >> you remember yesterday the americans had a one gold medal lead over china and extended that to five and, of course, the americans still lead the overall count with 38, china in second place, japan and russia round out three and four, yesterday yest yesterday was in fifth and now that belongs to great britain. katie ledecky is competing in the tonight and track and field gets under way. so many more medals on the horizon or the american, david. >> thanks so much. in the meantime, we'll turn to the other news breaking to that midair scare overnight. a jetblue flight from boston to sacramento forced to make an emergency landing in south dakota after hitting severe turbulence. 59 least two dozen taken to the hospital and abc's kayna whitworth is in los angeles with the latest for us this morning. kayna, good morning.
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morning. this turbulence was so sudden and so violent it sent people flying from their seats if they weren't strapped in hitting their heads on the overhead bins cracking the bins. they had to make an emergency landing to get people to the hospital. overnight, terrifying moments for passengers and crew on board a jetblue flight en route from boston to sacramento. rocked by severe turbulence after running into bad weather. >> it was almost like a bang like we hit a wall and dropped straight down. and there was stuff in the aisles. you had people crying. >> reporter: the cross country flight making an emergency landing in south dakota. 22 passengers and 2 crew members rushed to the hospital. >> within seconds we dropped probably about a hundred feet. people flew out of their seats that weren't dropped in. >> reporter: a flight attendant taken off
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injuries so we're going to need to find an airport and do an emergency landing. >> reporter: turbulence common in warm weather months. back on may 8th passengers injured when a jetblue plane traveling from puerto rico to orlando experienced rough air. 31 were injured when severe turbulence struck this plane. so jetblue telling abc news this morning that they sent care team members to help with the people that were i sent in a replacement aircraft to get everybody to sacramento. robin. >> scary moments there, kayna, thank you. now to the race for the white house. donald trump downing down and stepping up his attack on hillary clinton after calling her and president obama founders of isis. abc's cecilia vega is here with the latest on all that and clinton's response. good morning, cecilia. >> reporter: robin, good morning to you. the fact checkers are having a field day with this one. president obama did not found
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comments insisting he penitentiary exactly what he said this morning donald trump now says he was just being sarcastic. this morning, donald trump has a new line of attack. >> i call president obama and hillary clinton the founders of isis. they're the founders. >> reporter: and he lobbed the inflammatory accusation not once -- >> these are the founders of isis because of bad judgment. >> reporter: not twice. >> he is the founder in ae >> reporter: but nearly 20 times in one day. clinton firing back on twitter saying, no, barack obama is not the founder of isis. anyone willing to sink so low, so often should never be allowed to serve as our commander in chief. a spokesman adding, this is a false claim from a presidential candidate with an aversion to the truth and an unprecedented lack of knowledge. and from the white house, a one-word response.
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trying to explain. >> the media is talking today over another controversy over semantics. >> reporter: the nominee not backing down when challenged by conservative radio host hugh hewitt. >> you meant that he created the vacuum. he lost the peace. >> no, i meant he's the founder of isis. i do. >> but he's not sympathetic to them. he hates them. >> i don't care. he athe founder. the way he got out of iraq, that was the founding of isis. >> reporter: a few minutes ago trump took to twitter. take a look. reports so seriously that i call president obama and clinton the founder of isis and mvp. they don't get sarcasm? that's a new line after he refused to walk back those comments, even when given that opportunity to do so, david. >> all right, a new line and fallout. to martha raddatz who has covered isis extensively and, of course, the race for president as well. martha, great to have you, and you heard a conservative radio
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is what he really meant. you heard hugh give donald trump an out and instead he said he meant he was the founder of isis. he doubled down and now a short time ago saying this was sarcasm. >> as you know this is a familiar cycle with him. he says something provocative, remember what he said about the second amendment, people then criticize him and then says the media misinterpreting him but he had doubled down on this statement that president obama distracts from an issue where critics say hillary clinton is vulnerable. isis did gain strength during her time as secretary of state. so if he stayed on message, david, instead of what he calls sarcasm he could probably make some strong points. >> martha, as you know in the last 24 hours he told some supporters i'm having a problem with utah saying ohio is close, as well. we need help and in an interview he signaled what he might do if he loses, i wanted to play this and get your reaction on the
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>> well, just keep doing the same thing i'm doing now and in the end it's going to work or i'm going to have a very, very nice long vacation. >> you know, martha, very rare we hear from a candidate about plans if they lose, and they usually don't go there. >> they're so right. this was certainly not the confident winner that donald trump usually presents himself as. he was practically pleading for votes but he sees the polls and the polls are in a slide for him especially in a couple of those key battlun trump, i could lose? i doubt it, david. >> all right, martha raddatz, always great to have you. >> we'll move on now to another big headline this morning. an amusement park accident in pennsylvania. a 3-year-old falling off this roller coaster rushed to the hospital. at least the third incident on park rides in less than a week. abc's linzie janis has more. >> they're requesting a helicopter. >> reporter: a day at the
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>> unknown age child who fell from a roller coaster. >> reporter: a 3-year-old boy rushed to the hospital with unknown injuries after falling from this wooden roller coaster at idlewild & soak zone in pennsylvania. >> he was talking. he was alert but he was airlifted to a local hospital. >> reporter: the park known for its rides and water slides, now keeping the rollo coaster as a standstill as investigators work to determine what went wrong. >> our rides are inspected daily. >> serious incident involving amusement park rides in less than a risk. >> the majority of the incidents that occur on amusement rides today are human error. >> reporter: on monday three girls were injured at a tennessee carnival after their ferris wheel basket flipped sideways sending them plummeting nearly 40 feet to the ground. and 10-year-old caleb schwab killed on a water slide sunday in kansas city.
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determine how he fell out of his restraints. and this morning, no word on how that little boy in pennsylvania is doing. the ride that he was on had one height requirement for children riding on their own and another if they were with a parent. david. >> all right, linzie, thanks so much. three college students lost while exploring a cave in arkansas. trapped underground for nearly 30 hours. this morning they are now safe and sound and telling their story. here's abc's gio benitez. >> reporter: a race against the clock to find thr state university students who disappeared into this cramped, dark cave near cushman, arkansas. >> he is casey. >> reporter: casey sherwood a soon-to-be senior and cub scout leader was leading two exchange students in the blowing cave where invest vasts can reach a depth of 40 feet when he suddenly realized his group was lost. >> initially we were panicked about like not being able to
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we got into survival mode. i guess you would say, and we got ourselfed hunkered down and we decided to wait it out. >> reporter: nearly 30 hours went by as the trio huddled together to stay warm sitting in a triangle formation breathing into their shirts to generate hot air. sherwood's wife alerted authorities to the group's disappearance. emergency personnel responding to the scene around 1:45 a.m. from a local college entering the cave of which only a mile and a half is officially mapped. the three students began yelling and whistling hoping to alert any rescuers to their whereabouts about 30 minutes from the cave's entrance. >> we had a routine every five or ten minutes have a really high pitched whistle or very loud help going out and it was during one of those routine moments that finally one of the rescue teams heard us.
7:18 am
gave up hope. >> they say that once you're in a cave for over 24 hours at that time it's no longer search and rescue, it's just a recovery mission so plenty of people were rather surprised to see us walking out of that cave. >> surprised indeed and we're told the three young men had mild hypothey remembery and will be okay. in fact, i want to show you a photo right now. take a look at this. those are the two japanese foreign exchange students right after they were rescued giving that peace sign. mind-set. right? >> they look better than we would look if we spent that much time in the cave. >> they look better than we did after being at barbra streisand last night. >> her encore just ended. lucky we got in. >> it was worth it. how about this flooding we got going on. >> take you to your hometown. we had 6, 7, 8 inches southwest mississippi, southeast louisiana. that will continue today and flood watches across parts of missouri and in through chicago,
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heat and humidity for the northeast. standby today. on and off showers and thunderstorms possible. some storms may produce heavy downpours. a flash flood watch remains in effect until midnight. clouds and
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coming up here on "gma" a mystery at wimbledon after a rising tennis star gets sick hospitalized for days. now her parents say they think she was poisoned. a new investigation this morning. authorities want your hope, road rage, the rampage, the moment this woman pulls out a gun on the driver. the search for her right now. because clean food is food as it should be. eteners, and no colors from artificial sources. we think clean food tastes better, feels better, does better. 100% of our food will be clean by year's end. every bite will be food as it should be. ? ? i don't want to lie down. i refuse to lie down. why suffer?
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news in milwaukee. police are searching for a missing boy. take a look at your screen. this is ten year old sean colon. he was last seen playing with friends around 8:30 last night. he lives where he was last spotted. he was wearing a white tank top and dark shorts. if you have any infromation about where they boy could be, please call milwaukee police. that number is 414- 935-7405. wisn 12 news time is . let's take a live look outside as we head to break. a check of your forecast and morning commute --
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the department of transportation has already cleared a few accidents this morning. let's take a live look from our department of transportation cameras at 43 94 and howard avenue. there's a disabled vehicle causing some slowdowns along the plainfield curve. and your current travel times are on the screen. watch 12, here's meteorologist jeremy nelson -- with a check of your forecast. good friday morning! keep an umbrella on standby today. on and off showers and thunderstorms possible. some storms may produce heavy downpours. the doppler 12 radar network shows a few showers in our
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your word is milk. m-i-l-k milk wins. ingredients you can spell. we welcome you back to "gma" on this friday morning. look at central park. huge crowd there right now. all for keith urban. it's a country music friday on "gma." can't wait for his performance just ahead. >> to start a sizzling weekend here in the northeast. also right now, dozens recovering overseas after a deadly bombing in thailand targeting major tourist spots. 59 least four were killed. police say they've ruled out links to international terrorism. this morning, the world getting ready to say good-bye to alex rodriguez, of course, the polarizing star set to play his final game after 13 years with the yankees and nearly 700 home runs, the yankees, of course, will take on the tampa bay rays tonight. >> i think he's four shy of 700. and it is an exciting
7:31 am
you're just having the time of your life, aren't you there in rio? >> i sure am, guys, but i miss you. team usa. >> miss you too. >> have we heard a little about the gold medals? we have everything you wanted to know about them. how much are those medals really worth? are they really made of gold? that and a lot more coming up next? >> i'm glad they don't chip their teeth. they're always biting on them, the olympians after they win. thank you, amy. a mystery at wimbledon. forced to bow out when she got ill. now scotland yard is investigating whether she was poisoned. abc's linsey davis is here with the latest of the what's going on here. >> reporter: sounds like the far-fetched plot of a suspense thriller. there are a number of running theories about how tennis star gabriella taylor ended up poisoned but her mother told reporters the bacteria, the infection team found is so rare in the uk that she believes it could not have been an accident. this morning, scotland yard is
7:32 am
rising british tennis star gabriella taylor was deliberately poisoned during last month's wimbledon. >> i haven't been well these last two days. >> reporter: the 18-year-old junior player suddenly bowed out of her quarterfinal match on july 7th after suffering from a mystery illness. >> miss taylor is forced to retire. >> reporter: ranked 381 in the world, she spent four days in intensive care and diagnosed her with a rare strain of leptospirosis, a disease often contracted by water infected through animals, particularly rats. >> i felt ten times worse and really on the verge of passing out. i was really -- it was really hard for me to believe that this is what was happening. >> reporter: symptoms can take up to 14 days to show and are often flu-like. left untreated the disease can lead to organ failure and internal bleeding. cases in the uk are rare, only 71 confirmed cases last year. now, taylor's parents say they believe their daughter was
7:33 am
straight to the police. >> reporter: scotland yard is now launching a criminal investigation into the allegation of poisoning with intent to endanger life. determining if the tennis player could have been poisoned by a rival or an organized crime sports betting syndicate. >> she's on the doorstep of fulfilling this great dream. multimillion dollars waiting potentially for her someday and then to have this happen? it's really crushing. >> reporter: now on the mend, taylor finally returned to the this photo writing, so happy to be back on the court. taking it step by step. taylor's mother also told reporters that her daughter's bags with her drinks were often left unattended in the players' lounge and that someone could have easily taken the opportunity to contaminate her drinks. several scientists express doubt
7:34 am
so far no arrests. >> joining us now is espn's patrick mcenroe. knows a little thing or two about playing tennis. when talking about junior tennis, it's still high stakes. there's still a lot if you knock somebody out of the competition? >> first of all, let's hope this is not true. we hope for the best for this young player but you're right for junior players, particularly at wimbledon and particularly for someone who's a local, she's an english player, she's their top junior player this is a big, big moment for her to be in the quarterfinals of the juniors. thought she could and win junior wimbledon it's worth significant endorsement dollars, worth a lot more attention and support from the lta, the lawn and tennis association, so it is a big deal for her to lose this opportunity and obviously to lose it in the way that she did was just terrible. >> we're glad she's doing as well as she is. this is tennis. you know, people don't think of it being a cutthroat sport. >> well, tennis has had a lot of
7:35 am
would not have had and starting at the australian open with reports of match fixing and gambling. we know that tennis is one of the highest betted on sports in the entire world so tennis has got an issue there they're trying to address. now, we had the doping issues come up midway through this year, as well, and so now you have something like this so as i said at the beginning, let's hope that this was just some, you know, bacteria that she got. we know it's very rare in england for this to happen, let's hope she got it somehow by chance and let's hope obviously that she gets healthy and can get back on the courts. >> but authorities >> but authorities haven't ruled out anything right now. >> they have not. so, you know, thank goodness they're looking into this and getting out in front of it because this -- you see her in hospital with things in her arm, four days, i mean, that's -- someone who's in the prime shape of her life, a young girl on her way up. >> great to have you. you graduated from the big board. >> this is the big time. i made it. >> good to see patrick in the flesh. >> unfortunately on a story like this. let's get a more positive one next time.
7:36 am
to the separate cases of apparent road rage this morning being investigated by police really on opposite sides of the country right now. guns involved in both cases, a woman waving a firearm right there in that video and in another, the suspect actually firing shots at a car with a child inside. abc's clayton sandell has the latest. >> reporter: this morning, police in gainesville are looking for this woman seen wildly waving a gun after an alleged road rage incident moments before. police say this black truck and silver sedan pulled into a gas station after a run-in on the street. the woman o with the pistol. the truck's driver jacob sylvester quickly takes it away and he's later arrested. but investigators say he refuses to identify the woman with the gun. and on the streets north of los angeles, investigators say they're now working to stop the driver of a dark honda before he does this again. in another apparent case of road rage he fires twice at the family inside this white suv including a child. >> the driver shot at her armed
7:37 am
handgun. >> reporter: the suspect enraged police say, because the suv apparently sprayed his water with windshield wiper fluid. >> the level this incident took was quite alarming to us and i couldn't imagine what it would be like in a vehicle on being fired upon just driving with your family members. it had to have been terrifying. >> reporter: road rage incidents can quickly take a violent deadly turn. since 2010 road rage has been blamed for at least 1,700 deaths nationwide. police in the latest cases are asking for the publi get the suspects off the street and into jail. for "good morning america," clayton sandell, abc news, denver. >> all right, let's hope they catch them soon. clayton, our thanks to you. let's get right over to robin and the big board. >> you're going to join me on the big board. coming up -- our big board, new trouble. macy's closing 100 locations. is this the end of department stores. and a health warning about
7:38 am
the new guidelines. plus, paul mccartney gets candid. what he's saying about one of rock 'n' roll's most heated debates. did yoko ono break up the band? we're still talking about it and we will in two minutes. come on back. we will in two minutes. how i stay active. and to keep up this pace, i need the right nutrition. so i drink boost?. boost? complete nutritional drink has 26 essential vitamins and minerals, including calcium and vitamin d to support strong bones, and 10 grams of protein to help maintain muscle. i'm not about to swim in the slow lane. stay strong. stay active with boost?. you're that guy who switched to sprint. sprint's network reliability is now within 1% of verizon. and sprint saves you 50% on most national carrier rates. can you hear that? don't let a 1% difference cost you twice as much. switch to sprint today. ? they call you short stack.
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it is time now for the big board. our team of insiders and t.j. >> oh, no. >> i just had to do that. you're going to tell us about your story in just a moment. you got a good sport about that. but first, let's start with this huge announcement from macy's closing 100 stores next year due to slumping sales as more are going online and lower cost retailers. abc's chief business and economic reporter rebecca jarvis is going to join us now. so this is really raising some eyebrows. is it because so many people are just, you know, shopping from home? >> it is, robin. the retailers are scrambling right now. they are dealing with two things, it's a double whammy, the amazon effect.
7:41 am
they're shopping online. they're price comparison shopping and getting their deliveries within two days and shipping is now free in most cases. plus, we're spending our money differently these days. more and more people are spending on home improvements and they're spending less on material things and more on experiences which is why not just macy's closing 100 stores but you're seeing it across the board, kmart is closing 68 stores. walmart is closing 269 stores and the sports authority is really seeing a change at the department store level. >> evolution in how we're shopping but, rebecca, you were telling us it has to do with handbags. how could it just be one item? >> this is pretty interesting. handbags used to be more of a status symbol. in fact, analysts have even looked at this and crunched the numbers. they used to be the thing that retailers could stand by because it didn't matter whether it was raining or cold or summer outside, people would still go and buy handbags and we're
7:42 am
retailers like macy's and nordstrom. >> unless you're on canal street here in new york. now to the guidelines from the american heart association that really paint a bleak picture of kids' heart health revealing alarming stats about poor diet and exercise and right to dr. richard besser, health and medical expert. our insider this morning. unfortunate when we're watching michael phelps and the simones and all these american athletes to teach us how it's done to see >> yeah, this is really important. what the american heart association is saying if we want to have healthy hearts as adults we have to look at kids. two areas they're looking at are diet and exercise. when it comes to diet they came up with a healthy diet scale and they found that more than 90% of kids score poor on that scale and when it comes to exercise kids are supposed to get an hour a day of vigorous exercise. when they look at high cool kids only 10% of boys, 5% of girls are hitting that bar.
7:43 am
>> yes, so, how are we going to change this? you're a pediatrician. what do you tell your patients? >> well, you know, when it comes to diet parents are focused on what their babies eat but as they get older children are exposed to more junk they let up. we need to realize and remember that a child's diet is really a mirror image of what we're eating. if we're eating healthy they're going to do better and exercise comes down to the school. we have to get gym class back in there, recess back in there and we have to spread the word that exercise matters for girls as well as boys. >> thank you. >> hopefully the olympics and watching these women perform is going to make it easier to do that. >> i hope so. okay, rich, thank you very much. and finally, we got a big talker this morning. why we have t.j. here. >> the outsider. >> so much on the inside. this is a decades old question. did yoko ono break up the beatles? well, paul mccartney is opening up about that in a revealing new "rolling stone" interview talking about that long-standing speculation.
7:44 am
what's behind this? >> look, we called it rumor and speculation. for a lot of music fans this is fact and a part of music history that this woman is responsible for breaking up one of the greatest bands we have ever known so paul mccartney giving new insights. he said flat out we felt threatened by her when she came around. he said specifically, about them recording in the studio, she was sitting on the amps while we were recording. most bands couldn't handle that. we handled it but not amazingly well. fellas can speculate. boys night every week, then all of a sudden one of your boys start bringing his girl with him. this was going on here and did not handle it well. >> she's not sitting on the amps anymore. how is the relationship now between paul and -- >> they're all good. for a long time. even said some cute stuff about her in the article. she's so yoko. you could tell they have a cute relationship. it took a while -- he said this before. she's not responsible for breaking up this band. john was going to leave anyway
7:45 am
he did in his career he did afterwards and he probably could not have done without her influence. >> years of maturing and life changes. >> they were kids at the time. >> still people speculate on it. on a desert island you can play one beatles song, what is it? >> "let it be". >> how about you, rich? >> "hey jude." it's a long one, it's a beautiful one. i ve >> you're stranded on an island, right. "yesterday." yesterday is the day i long for. >> should ask which island. >> robin. ? i wanna hold your hand ? i really want to do that. >> "all you need is love." >> "blackbird" is good too. >> just one. >> rich, rebecca, always great to have you here. >> and then t.j. coming up in just two minutes, gold medal close-up. how much gold is actually in that prize?
7:46 am
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7:48 am
we are back now at our olympic desk here in rio and athletes from all over the world are giving their all for gold and matt gutman has everything you need to know about those medals and what they're actually worth. good morning to you, matt. >> reporter: good morning, amy. now, gold medal is something that every athlete here hungers for, but in our painstaking research on everything gold we learned that these medals are not entirely made out of gold. possibly because these suckers weigh a pound. if they were made out of gold entirely they would cost about 22,000 bucks. ? it has become the classic post-race pose. olympians showing off their golden appetite. turns out it's an old method of testing whether a medal is pure. olympic gold medals haven't been
7:49 am
1912 after two world wars caused gold shortages and today's medals only contain 1.34% gold. the rest, sterling silver. >> those who are taking home the gold medal today is worth about $564. >> reporter: some gold medals wind up being worth much more than others like jesse owens track and field medal from the 1936 games auctioned off for nearly $1.5 million. >> the important thing about increased value of the gold medal is the stories behind them. michael phelps, the final five could be one of the best stories in olympic history. so you know that those medals are going to go for very high value. >> reporter: but the recipients of the 812 gold medals that will be awarded at these games shouldn't be too disappointed that their gold medal isn't solid gold. countries like kazakhstan give
7:50 am
malaysia even awards its winners with a solid gold bar. for the gold medalists representing the red, white and blue, $25,000 that uncle sam will tax for income. there's apparently another reason that the olympians bite their gold medals. that's because photographers ask them to do that. now, i want to show you something, amy. every credential reporter here gets this fancy swag bag, in three things, one, headphones. that makes a lot of sense, the other is this medal for the hardship of working here in rio for the games and lastly you'll love this, a big old can of off. that's to i guess stop the zika. amy. >> yeah, you know what, i haven't had to use any of that. a good thing, matt, thanks so much. speaking of gold we have an olympic gold medalist joining us live and keith urban in central park. we'll be right back. coming up "gma's" summer concert series presented by
7:51 am
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7:54 am
we got food, king's hawaiian and keith urban, as well. we got heat across the pacific northwest.
7:55 am
"good morning america" is
7:56 am
a missing milwaukee safe. sean colon was reported missing yesterday evening while playing with friends near 28th and glendale. within the last half hour, the 10- year-old was reunited with his family. wisn 12 news was there for the happy moment! you'll hear from the boy and his family -- tonight on wisn 12 news! taking a look at the morning drive, this is a live look from our department of transportation cameras at 41 and
7:57 am
through the hale to the zoo. the back-ups start at oklahoma avenue. and your current travel times are on the screen. now to weather watch 12. a flash food watch is in effect. here's meteorologist jeremy nelson with our rainy forecast. good friday morning! keep an umbrella on standby today. on and off showers storms may produce heavy downpours. the doppler 12 radar network shows a few showers in our area, but no heavy rain right now. a flash flood watch remains in effect
7:58 am
temperatures in check. expect a the new us medalists. plus amy robach one on one with new mom and medal winning swimmer dana vollmer as she gets set to go for gold! next on gma. ?? there's nothing like trying something new.
7:59 am
of creamy cheese, there's no end to what you can discover. and once you get a taste for the new, chances are you won't stop there.
8:00 am
? it's good to be alive right about now ? good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. best in the world. simone biles with a golden touch, aly raisman savoring the silver, and simone manuel making history in the pool with an emotional victory, plus, michael phelps taking center stage as america steals the show in rio. also this shark attack in paradise. the teen survivor now speaking out. the family vacation that turned into a worst nightmare. >> i kicked its nose, and then it went up to get me again. >> his fight to survive and thanking the doctor who saved his life. ? say hello to the fan that left adele speechless. the incredible moment stunning the superstar on her own stage. you don't want to miss this high note. ? time to get the chains out ?
8:01 am
medal moms. kristin armstrong making history joining us live and dana vollmer back in the water after giving birth. >> i have to go big or go home. >> the super women winning america's hears right here on "gma." ? think about those summer nights ? all that and we're kicking off your country music friday with keith urban live in central park as we say -- >> good morning, america. ? you know it is a happy friday when that man is on the stage, keith urban, country music megastar in central park warming up right now. our crowd, as you can see, extremely excited and paula, jesse and i are very excited that david muir is joining us. >> oh, i'm trying to warm things up here.
8:02 am
>> heater aside. >> hey, hey. >> that's true. >> we've got incredible gold medal excitement this half hour too. the story of cyclist kristin armstrong, the mom who her little guy watched her cry and she had to explain you cry when you win gold. well, she's with us this half hour on "gma" and sat down with amy. >> amy has been busy getting these olympians to sit down with her and making us feel like we're right there in rio. did you get time to get over there? >> i did but i'm out of breath. can you give me ten seconds to get my breath. >> i can't stretch aon the big story this morning, donald trump is now apparently walking back his claim that president obama and hillary clinton are the founders of isis. after insisting on thursday that he was being literal, trump this morning tweeted that he was being sarcastic. trump is now acknowledging that his campaign is struggling in some key swing states and even in utah. he's also facing new opposition from dozens of former republican
8:03 am
trump's campaign. meantime, hillary clinton is releasing her 2015 tax returns as early as today putting more pressure on trump to do the same. of course, he is refusing to release his taxes while he is under audit. and a big scare on a jetblue flight overnight. severe turbulence forced the plane to make an emergency landing in south dakota. it was heading from boston to sacramento. 24 people were taken to the hospital. the injuries described as minor. and we do expect to learn more today about how a 3-year-old boy fell off this roller coaster in pennsylvania. park officials are not saying exactly what led up to the fall or the extent of his injuries. now, the minimum height posted is 36 inches, and this is the third major safety incident at a u.s. amusement park this week alone. federal health officials say they will now divert money away from cancer and diabetes research and other programs to fund development of a zika vaccine.
8:04 am
three more locally transmitted cases of the zika virus have been confirmed in miami bringing the total to 25 in that city. and a teen from suburban chicago is recovering from a shark attack in the bahamas. he was snorkeling on a family vacation when he felt the shark tear into him. he thought that he might lose his leg, but doctors, they were able to rebuild the muscle and save it. >> i kicked its nose, and then it went up to get me again and then it let go and swam away. i really want to thank the because that might not have happened. >> dr. donalds. >> what's his name? >> dr. donalds. >> yeah, he is lucky and blessed this morning, and it took his parents an hour to get him to the hospital but he made it and he is walking again. amazing. and for the first time in his career, lebron james is the highest paid player in the nba, and he deserves it. he's agreed to a three-year, $100 million contract with the cleveland cavaliers after leading the team to their first ever nba championship.
8:05 am
summer games. amy is a busy woman at the "gma" olympics desk looking forward to another busy day, amy. >> yes, sorry, i just had to put my jaw back up because my jaw dropped when i heard that number. >> 100 million. one of the stars -- yeah, wow. one of the stars of these game, katie ledecky will be back in the spotlight today swimming in the 800-meter freestyle. also today the u.s. women's soccer team takes on sweden and the track and field competition begins. but everyone here is talking abouch away everyone in the 200-meter medley last night winning by a full body length to grab that record 22nd gold medal. phelps is the first swimmer ever to win the same event at four consecutive olympics. also in the pool, american simone manuel making history becoming the first african-american woman to win olympic gold in swimming. and the other simone, simone biles, perhaps the biggest of these games, the 19-year-old winning the
8:06 am
score was posted. her teammate, aly raisman, taking home silver. also emotional. look at those two hugging. the medal standings, the united states leading with 38 including 16 golds, china in second place with 30 overall and a special moment here in rio when fiji won its first ever olympic medal beating the british in rugby to take home gold. british royalty was in attendance. princess anne handing out the medals. a national holiday has been declared in fiji to celebrate that historic win. isn't every day a national holiday in fiji if you're there, jesse? >> you know what, can we get the assign many. you got to go rio. we'll check out fiji and let you know. >> thanks, amy. news that goes "pop." >> we got a friday edition, absolutely, we do, robin. time for "pop news." we'll start with kendall jenner gracing the september issue of "vogue" and shares details on caitlyn jenner, the kardashian
8:07 am
on caitlin jenner opens up saying you've got a new person to love. the cover girl describes the time she uninvited her famous family to her first marc jacobs show in an effort to jump-start her own career revealing, i feel like i've accomplished something that is mine. the september issue of "vogue" hits newsstands august 23rd, guys. >> i understand that. >> she's really -- her career has taken on a life of its own. that is her own thing. so good for her. next up last night all eyes were on the gripping race between michael phelps and ryan a glimpse of a dire situation in a galley far, far away. that's right. the second trailer for "rogue one: a star wars story" was released and it's now trending huge online this morning. the film tells the tale of a group of unlikely heroes as they attempt to steal the plans from the death star and the empire's ultimate weapon of destruction, plus our favorite villain darth vader finally makes his return to the big screen. the film hits theaters in december.
8:08 am
between three and four. before you knew who luke, chewie, obi-wan were. keep in mind, perspective. >> so intense. >> i need to know where it falls in the chronology. one, two, three and then seven and then 3.5. >> just three and four. >> you're welcome, paula. >> i'm confused but excited to see it. >> you're welcome, paula and america. adele was in for a sweet surprise at her concert in los angeles this week when a fan in the front row asked to join her on stage. i want you to take a look at the moment that un ? wise men say only fools rush in but i can't help loving you ?
8:09 am
love with you ooh ? >> absolutely incredible. and america, if you didn't know already, now you know jamie grace. she's a grammy nominated singer. the 24-year-old was nominated in 2012 for best christian contemporary music song and she told abc news that she's been struggling with what to do next in her career. but the moment she was on stage with adele, she thinks that maybe that's just swayed her towards continuing to create music, which i think -- >> it helps. being on stage with adele helps. >> yeah, and especially when adele is wowed by it. you just saw center last week in l.a. she did not invite me on stage. that's a good thing. >> wait a minute. and you were at streisand with me last night. >> yeah, yeah, i was hanging out -- >> when do you work? all the time. >> this is work. >> hard work. >> then you're going to see keith urban. on a concert tour. >> pretty good. >> guy, let's take a look at what's coming up on the "gma morning menu." olympic medalist moms, dana vollmer in the pool. plus she's going one-on-one with amy and kristin
8:10 am
we're going for gold in the "gma" games. olympians mckayla maroney and dominique dawes showing off their fancy footwork moves with a superstar goalie. who is going to win the shoot-out? plus "gma" is going country. we have keith urban performing and that's all coming up on "gma." "gma's morning menu" is brought to you by advil, fast, powerful and proven relief that makes pain a distant memory. your silver. your gold. and liberty mutual insures them all. liberty mutual is proud to insure every team usa medal won in rio, just like we protect the medals you've earned in life. liberty stands with you. liberty mutual insurance. the labrador retriever and the golden retriever are very different.
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8:14 am
? go go ? hi, i'm dana vollmer and i won six olympic medals so far, and good morning, america. >> that's right. that's olympic supermom dana vollmer already won bronze and silver in the pool here in rio
8:15 am
for gold as her young son arlen watches from home and i got to sit down with dana making headlines for her frank and honest statements about being an olympian and a brand-new mom. for four-time olympic gold medalist dana vollmer -- >> i have to kind of go big or go home. >> reporter: -- the rio olympics her ultimate comeback story. >> great swim by vollmer to grab a medal. so eighth dana vollmer trying to hold on bronte campbell. >> rte already taken home silver and bronze at the games says she is not done yet. all this just 17 months after giving birth to her first child son arlen. >> the hard nights when you're learning how to nurse, the hard nights when they're not sleeping through the night and you're like, oh, man, how -- did i really sign up to do this? >> reporter: the self-titled momma on a mission says coming into rio her priorities shifted. did swimming change for you? >> i think it changed in a lot of ways.
8:16 am
in the past. i didn't make the 2008 olympic team and then coming in from having your son and just being -- there was kind of no pressure, and that was really nice for mere. i felt like for the first time in my life just really standing up there because i loved it and because i wanted to race. >> reporter: vollmer's love of swimming only trumped by her love of being a new mom. her son arlen is back at home with dad. so, that has to be a little tough. >> it is. it's really hard, and it's the longest i've ever been away from him, but facetime has been amazing. i've gotten to kind of hold the phone and he now holds it like momma, momma as he runs around. >> that's so sweet. tomorrow, vollmer's final event, the 4x100 medley relay. she's set to defend usa's gold medal win from the london games. you got a bronze, you got a silver. >> got to add a gold. >> and we will be cheering dana on tomorrow. cannot wait for that, and joining us now, look at this, we have
8:17 am
three-time gold medalist kristin armstrong, and everyone has seen those beautiful moments with your son after your win. he's 5 years old and he's like, momma, why are you crying? the pictures tell a lot. tell me what you were feeling and thinking in those moments. >> those moments when you cross the finish line, you go through a lot of emotions within what feels like ten minutes but it's probably within like a minute and i went from exhaustion, joy and i saw my son and started just crying, and when i went over for that hug, he in my ears said, momma, why are you crying? and there was a pause, and he said, didn't you win? and i said, yeah, i did. he goes, then why are you crying? and so i thought of it as just another life lesson to teach because at age 5, you don't quite understand that joy and happiness and being overwhelmed can also bring tears. >> yeah, no, it was such a beautiful moment to watch. also happy birthday. >> oh, thank you. >> welcome to 43. we're the same age, babe.
8:18 am
>> 1973 was a good year. >> it was a good year. >> so, you're the oldest woman on the team by seven years and you won gold. that has to feel extra special. >> it does. you know, i've learned over the years that there's a lot of focus on the outside sometimes of, you know, focusing on i'm over 40. but at the end of the day, people ask me how i do it. it takes -- it's everything between your ear, your mind-set. if you stay positive and believe in yourself and surround yourself with people who believe in you, it is amazing the energy that it actually gives you. >> you say you'll enjoy rio for a couple of days and soak in the victory. because when you get back home, you might be the most famous person from idaho. >> possibly. i love the state of idaho but in the games, previous games that i've participated in, i would just get on the plane within 24 hours and i'd be home, and i'd get home and be finding myself on the couch watching the olympic games on the television and my husband said this time around when i was booking the tickets, can we do a favor, can
8:19 am
what we're doing. >> oh, well, we are looking forward to that. kristin armstrong, congratulations, thank you so much for being here. way to represent usa. >> thank you so much. >> and 43 women everywhere, 43-year-old women everywhere. coming up, one-on-one with the legendary robert redford as he takes on the classic tale "pete's dragon." i'm batman! i'm batman! i'm batman! i'm batman! sfx: "boop" i'm batman! kids' character tees,
8:20 am
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8:22 am
at lowe's.
8:23 am
? critics are already calling the remake of "pete's dragon" a marvel, and nick watt had the chance to sit down with one of its stars, the legendary robert redford, who talked about what it was like to star with a computer-generated dragon and why he still believes in magic. >> shhh. >> reporter: t kids and anyone with a little kid left in their heart. >> dad. >> i certainly still believe in magic. >> reporter: redford's character tells tall tales that no one believes but there really is a dragon living deep in the forest with little orphan pete. in a couple of minutes you're in this strange big furry dragon seems totally logical. >> that's wonderful.
8:24 am
>> reporter: which is a retool of the 1977 original. >> i had no knowledge of "pete's dragon" so this is all fresh and new. >> reporter: shot in entirely in location in magical pristine new zealand, the same place they made "lord of the rings" and "avatar." it is an other worldly, other time -- >> i grew up in a time where there was new zealand in our country. there was that feeling. >> yeah. >> friendliness, that people were friendly. there was an innocence and i was really happy to be there. >> reporter: maybe not so happy to be co-starring with a cgi dragon created by company, one of the many movie-making enterprises. your acting is supposed to be interacting with that dragon that is obviously not there. >> you're telling me? you want to know the dragon that i saw, it was a pole with a tennis ball at the end of it. watch that dragon. >> reporter: hard to believe the sundance kid is turning 80 next week. >> i like riding horses. i like motorcycles so those things keep me going because i can't wait to do them. >> reporter: and he still loves
8:25 am
if you keep always going slightly out of bounds, there's always new territory. >> reporter: slightly out of bounds, "pete's dragon." >> as i grew up as a kid in not a great neighborhood, a very lower working class, things were kind of grim and you look for things that would lift you out of that and so it was fairy tales. >> reporter: for "good morning america," nick watt, abc news, los angeles. >> what a treat. our thanks to nick. "pete's dragon" hits theaters today. let's go to rob in central park. a little something-something going on there. hey, rob. >> oh, we do. it's hot and humid. man, my friends here are taking care of me. keith urban is going to steam up the stage, no doubt about that and we got some flooding issues across parts of the southeast. a stubborn low over the louisiana area continues to bring rain and we've got a flood emergency actually for greensburg, louisiana. more flooding rain across chicago. if you're traveling there, that could be a problem. the heat and humidity continues up to the north. where it's not raining it is definitely humstandby today. on
8:26 am
possible. some storms may produce heavy downpours. a flash flood watch remains in effect until midnight. clouds and showers will keep >> keith urban live next on
8:27 am
and weather watch. first a look at your morning commute. this is a live look from our d-o-t cameras at 94 and 87th street. it's a slow go going east into the construction zone. give yourself some
8:28 am
usual delays are forming... as we pull up current travel times on the screen. now, meteorologist jeremy nelson has a look at your forecast. good friday morning! keep an umbrella on standby today. on and off showers and thunderstorms possible. some storms may produce heavy downpours. the doppler 12 radar network shows a few showers in our area,t flash flood watch remains in effect until midnight. clouds and showers will keep temperatures in check. expect a humid day with highs around 80. less humid weather
8:29 am
8:30 am
? happy friday, everybody. take a look at that crowd at city parks foundation summerstage. all for country music megastar keith urban. david and the whole gang is there. you got plenty of company, david. >> that's right. robin roberts saying hello from times square, everyone. the crowd is warmed up here, robin, for keith urban. it's sizzling out here as rob marciano was telling us. we have the "gma" games coming up. our own competition with rio but we don't need more time. keith urban, this morning with "wasted time." keith, take it away. >> oh, yes.
8:31 am
? the rain is coming down tonight ? ? i'm smiling looking at this photograph ? ? i hear that song and i'm flying right back to when we had it made ? ? every friday night when the sun went down ? ? we'd be running them streets like we owned the town ? ? and i just can't let it go no i just can't let it go ? ? i wonder if you ever think about it like i do ? ? seven kids on a two-lane road ? ? had "the guns" on the radio after all this time it still feels so good ? ? when i think about those summer nights singing out the window on the back roads "sweet child o' mine" ? ? sipping on the locos spark of light ? ? ain't it funny how the best of days of my life was all that
8:32 am
? out of nowhere it slipped away and the rope by the river hangs silently ? ? and the town that we knew ain't nothing like it used to be ah i can't explain ? ? they took all the color from the picture frame and the days got sold to the grid and the game ? ? but i just can't let it go no i just can't let it go ? ? i wonder if you ever think about it like i do ? ? seven kids on a two-lane road we had "the guns" on the radio ? ? and after all this time it still feels so good ? ? when i think about those summer nights singing out the window on the back roads "sweet child o' mine" ?
8:33 am
best days of my life ? >> sing it. ? was all that wasted time all that wasted time ? ? swinging on the line living all that wasted time ? ? oh man ? ? ? hey hey now summer dresses drying out on the hood of the car ? ? only music that we had was out the left speaker ? ? we were living every second till the time ran out we had nothing but we had it all ? ? when i think about those summer nights sneaking out the window running back roads your hand in mine ? ? we were going nowhere we were
8:34 am
? ain't it crazy how the best days of my life ? ? was all that wasted time all that wasted time ? ? we were swinging out on the line living all that wasted time ? ? hey you know oh all that wasted time ? ? don't you feel it coming on back now time time time ? ? whoo ooh ooh ooh ooh ? >> how about that? how about that? >> thank you. >> keith urban live on "gma." got to love it. this crowd is amazing. it is hot. it is sticky. they are loving life. and i know a lot of people that are going to the beach after this right after i play some soccer. all right. beach forecast. take a look. water temperatures in the 70s across parts of long island. upper 60s in the cape and even
8:35 am
santa monica, 71, that's pretty good for southern california. a little chillier up across the pacific northwest. standby today. on and off showers and thunderstorms possible. some storms may produce heavy downpours. a flash flood watch remains in effect until midnight. clouds and showers will keep >> who wants more keith urban? who wants more? they do. david muir has him up on stage. david. >> all right, rob. got to dig rob's outfit. i'm glad i'm up here with keith urban. you sound amazing and the new album is "ripcord." you've had how many hits from this. >> three. >> but who's counting? three number one hits. >> thank you and thank you guys too. >> the first major tour since 2013. what's different about this? >> everything. new song? new production. the crowd is just -- the energy is through the roof on this tour. thank you.
8:36 am
>> and the thought behind "wasted time" is what? what's the message you're trying to send? >> just being in the moment really, i mean more than anything but everybody seems to want to come and spend their wasted time with us. so i'm very happy about that. thank you. >> and before we hit the next song, this is a bit of a departure. "blue ain't your color." >> yeah, it's so weird. the record just came out but this is the fourth single off the album and it's a little sultry, cool ballad. >> well, it's sultry right here in central park, right, guys, and, keith urban, you are a friend of "gma." it's great to have you back on. >> my pleasure. >> "blue ain't your color." keith urban, everybody. >> thank you.
8:37 am
staring at your drink ? ? watching that ice sink all alone tonight ? ? and chances are you're sitting here in this bar 'cause he ain't gonna treat you right ? ? well it's probably not my place but i'm gonna say it anyway ? ? 'cause you look like you haven't felt the fire had a little fun ? ? hasn't had a smile in a little while baby ? blue looks good on the sky looks good on that neon buzzin' on the wall ? ? but darling it don't match your eyes i'm telling you ? ? you don't need that guy you
8:38 am
? it's so black and white he's stealing your thunder baby blue ain't your color ? ? i'm not trying to be another just pick you up kinda guy ? ? trying to drink you up trying to take you home ? ? but i just don't understand how another man can take your sun and turn it ice cold ? ? well i've had enough to drink and it's making me think that i just might ? ? tell you if i were a painter i wouldn't change ya i'd just paint you bright baby ? ? 'cause blue looks good on the sky looks good on that neon buzzin' on the wall ?
8:39 am
your eyes i'm telling you ? ? you don't need that guy it's so black and white ? ? he's stealin' your thunder baby blue ain't your color ? ? oh no no no ? ? oh baby blue looks good on the sky ? ? looks good on that neon buzzin' on the wall but darling
8:40 am
? i'm telling you you don't need that guy it's so black and white ? ? he's stealing your thunder baby blue ain't your color ? ? blue ain't your color ? ? no no baby i want to light up your world ?
8:41 am
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welcome back to "gma" on a friday morning and paula faris just said to me, i cannot believe i have to meet keith urban dressed like this. >> this is what we call taking one for the team. >> and then literally he looked at you and said, let's get physical. >> i love you. car." keith urban, everybody. >> all right, new york, here we go. sing it. ? i'm driving home tonight catching all red lights ? ? that's all right 'cause i don't want to be alone ? ? there's nobody waiting there cold and empty bed ? ? words i wished i'd said come
8:44 am
? ooh ooh ooh and i don't know why i do this to myself ? ? ooh ooh ooh i know you're with someone else ? ? but in my mind we're somewhere in my car ? ? and it's raining hard on the streetlight glow ? ? you got your lips on mine it's gasoline on fire ? ? i never will forget you grabbed my shirt and pulled it over my head ? ? fingertips slide up and down my back breathing hard steaming up the glass ? ? i'd give anything if i could bring you back home ? ? ? so i've been sleeping till noon in the same bedroom where i once held you and it's breaking my heart ? ? i should take down all those pictures from my wall promises
8:45 am
space ? ? ooh ooh ooh and i don't know why i just can't let you go ? ? ooh ooh ooh i know you're never coming back ? ? but in my mind we're somewhere in my car ? ? and it's raining hard on the streetlight glow ? ? you got your lips on mine it's gasoline on fire ? ? i never will forget you grabbed my shirt and pulled it over my head ? ? fingertips slide up and down my back breathing hard steaming up the glass ? ? i'd give anything if i could bring you back home if i could bring you back ?
8:46 am
? but in my mind we're somewhere in my car and it's raining hard on the streetlight glow ? ? you got your lips on mine it's gasoline on fire ? ? i never will forget you grabbed my shirt and pulled it over my head ? ? and your fingertips slide up and down my back breathing hard steaming up the glass ? ? i'd give anyt bring you back home ? ? mmmm yeah if i could bring you back ? ? oh we were steaming up the windows don't you remember ? [ cheers and applause ]
8:47 am
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that's freedom from interest... and freedom to choose with ford. america's best selling brand. ? ? now get 0% financing for 72 months across the entire ford lineup, plus specially tagged vehicles get a thousand smart bonus. ? and we're back now with our "gma" games, and, hey, everybody, it is time for a soccer shoot-out. let's first meet our competitors. representing team stars, we've got paula and gold medalist dominique dawes. they're going to be shooting the regular white soccer balls. and on the other side we have team stripes rob and gold medalist mckayla maroney. they'll be using the blue colored soccer balls. and this is no easy task today because defending the goal we have major league soccer's 2015 goalkeeper of the year, luis robles of the new york red bulls
8:50 am
first a quick question about the u.s. women's soccer team. they're getting ready in a couple of hours to play sweden. last time these two played it was a draw. how do you think the u.s. fares tonight? >> they're golden. i know they're playing against their ex-coach but nonetheless they'll get a victory and move on to the next round. >> it's a big gold medal hope. before we get going, i got words of encouragement and wisdom from a former olympic soccer champ herself, julie foudy, guys. take a look. >> all right, guys, here are the keys to a penalty kick shoot-out. one, know where you're going. two, do not change your mind and, three, if you're not feeling confident, no one knows. fake it till you make it. go get 'em. >> all right. fake it till you make it. that's advice i've been using my entire life. >> that's what we do in tv. fake it till we make it. >> luis, in net. now that you know and julie
8:51 am
the game, each team, you have 20 seconds to kick as many soccer balls into the net as you can. team star shsz you're up first. paula, you ready? your time starts now. osi block. no, not at the same time. we have two. rob, there is nobody in net. it's a tradeout. mckayla maroney, that's a goal. luis robles getting pelted right now. two white balls in the net. [ whistle ] and that's time. time, time, everybody. time. luis, come on over here. you absolutely just got pelted. do you have any idea on the count who won? >> i think paula was out for blood. >> i think she was too. >> yes. >> i saw more -- >> somehow i survived. >> i saw more of the stars' soccer balls. so the winner of this soccer shoot-out, team star, dominique and paula and i'll go ahead and get ready to adjust the leaderboard.
8:52 am
any trash talk you want to give? >> you know, mckayla was a ringer. she said she played soccer when she was a kid and most gymnasts don't play any other sport, so that's why i had to roll it in. >> and what was the source of your fury and anger in shoot-out? >> i just told rob, he's going down. he's going down. >> sometimes you got to use whatever motivation you can to win an event. great job today. luis, thanks so much for coming out today. hope you're not bruised too bad for the upcoming season. check them out tomorrow night
8:53 am
8:54 am
8:55 am
and a huge thanks to keith phenomenal job in central park today plus a big announcement about next week's concert. rising country star kelsea ballerini taking over times square. certainly can't wait for that and a huge thanks to our fierce competitors going for gold in the "gma" games. great job today, guys. we wish all of you at home a fantastic weekend. of you at ho
8:56 am
8:57 am
overnight. a pedestrian -- hit and killed in milwaukee. it happened around 10 o'clock last night near 91st and appleton. police tell wisn 12 news several people called 9-1-1 -- saying they saw a woman get hit by a vehicle. that vehicle is described as a small, black s-u-v. anyone who knows whaap where the s-u-v is -- is asked to call police. looking ahead. this weekend -- milwaukee will honor a little girl shot and killed earlier this summer. police say nine- year-old za'layia jenkins was inside a home when a stray bullet hit her. tomorrow is the groundbreaking on zalayia's legacy garden. family members planned the garden near zalayia's home at 15th and meinecke. it will have lots of purple -- that was zalayia's favorite color. whoever
8:58 am
now let's get a look at the forecast with meteorologist sally severson. good friday morning! keep an umbrella on standby today. on and off showers and thunderstorms possible. some storms may produce heavy downpours. a flash flood watch remains in effect until midnight. the doppler 12 radar network shows a few showers in our area, but no heavy rain right now. clouds and showers will keep temperatures in check. expect a humid day with highs around 80.
8:59 am
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announcer: it's "live with kelly." today from the new film "now you see me," mark ruffalo. and she's one of the stars of the action-adventure "warcraft," paula patton. and performing their new hit, "crazy for you," michael franti & spearhead. plus, ryan seacrest is kelly's co-host for the hour. [cheering and applause] [captioning made possible by disney-abc domestic television] and now here are kelly ripa and ryan seacrest! [dance music playing] [cheering continues]


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